How Essential Oils Saved my Family Vacation

family vacation

Last week I went on an amazing and memorable vacation with my family. Even my parents and my brother went along when I invited them to go on my first cruise ever. It was a 5-day cruise to Mexico where we snorkeled in the ocean and saw sea turtles and fish and swam with dolphins among other things. But from the very beginning, we were struck with one health problem after another.

The night before we were going to leave, my son was really worn out from travelling and his allergies and I noticed he seemed a bit warm.  I was really concerned about going on a boat with him if he was feeling sick, so I diffused Thieves Essential Oil and put peppermint essential oil on his feet and forehead, along with a little acetaminophen before bed.  We took him to the urgent care the next morning to see if we were dealing with anything serious.  He didn’t have a temperature, so they told us to take it easy since he was still dealing with a cough which had originally stemmed from his allergies.

Since I knew that cruise ships can sometimes be an incubator, we brought our diffuser into our cabin, which made our room smell like we were in a spa, as we diffused Thieves to keep away cruise crud, Lavender for relaxation, and orange just because it smells awesome, a mix of the allergy trio for our season allergies (Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint) and Eucalyptus at different times throughout the trip.

On our first day out to sea, we ran into a storm and the rocking of the boat made my middle daughter seasick.  I immediately put Peppermint Essential Oil under her nose and around her ears.  Then I put it on her neck and chest and the soles of her feet.  She started feeling better almost immediately and was able to deal with the rocking of the ship with a little help from our Peppermint friend for the rest of our trip.

family dolphin

I realized that I had brought my oils and diffuser along on this trip almost as a natural instinct to help support my families’ wellness.  They are such an everyday part of our lives now and enrich them so much that I really don’t want my family or loved ones to be without them.  So if I’m going on and on about them and how we use them for a little bit, please excuse me. (Sorry Mom and Dad!)  As I’m learning more about them and they are working to support my family lead a healthier and happier and awesome smelling life, while getting yuck and toxins out of our life, I get a little excited sometimes. It’s like – holy cow this is really working without any bad side effects and we smell awesome too!

So I continued with our oils for the rest of the trip and we had an amazing and deeply relaxing time. We brought the spa with us and then we took it back home with us from our vacation. I would say that our must haves for our family vacation were:

  • Peppermint – This oil will wake you up and get you moving.  We’ve used it to clear sinuses, headaches, allergies, sea sickness and bringing down fevers.  It’s a little tingly on your skin, so it’s nice to use on tired muscles, too.
  • Thieves – This is a great cleaner and air purifier.  We use it religiously around cold and flu season.
  • Lavender – Hello swiss army knife of essential oils.  On vacation, we use it primarily for relaxation, but it can be used for bug bites and mixed with the allergy trio, as well.
  • Lemon – We used as part of the allergy trio, but it can be used in moisturizer for teens prone to acne and in shampoo to help make your hair shiny.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata – My go to for better breathing, especially when the air is dry or your throat is and you are getting over allergies or a cold.
  • Tea Tree – Love this for acne care, but it’s good for bug bites, too.

I did actually bring  a few more like Endoflex to help support my thyroid (I have Grave’s disease).  I limited myself because of packing space, however.  There are so many lovely choices. And fair warning, I am a Young Living distributor, so I have the mad hook-up to  the best and purest oils in the world.  Check it out at

And if you want to support my family business and your families’ health, contact me and I’ll hook you up with some learning and information and some oily goodness.  Here’s my personal link to order:

In the end, though, I was just grateful that I had the tools to get us through and to help us all create wonderful memories together as a family.  Planning my next cruise now…




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