How I know Essential Oils are going mainstream…Walmart

594617844-yes_theres_an_essential_oil_water_bottleToday I found out that they are selling Young Living Essential Oils on Walmart’s website from one of my Facebook groups.  I’m part of several Facebook groups that support further education in essential oils and several people were stunned by this, especially those that were Young Living distributors.  I guess it’s kind of strange to them that a big corporation is stepping out with a product that is MLM (small business)-based.

I know a lot of people seem to be anti-MLM, but I’m not.  I think a lot of people are worried they are pyramid schemes and that somehow they will be swindeled, but MLMs are not that.  Pyramid schemes happen when there is no product of inherent value.  And hey, I really value my essential oils and my lularoe leggings!

After doing some research, I’ve come to realize that MLMs are actually a big way in which the small guy can make it big and where a number of the new millionaires in America today come from.  Watch The Rise of the Entrepreneur for more information about MLMs.  The truth is, it’s really expensive to start your own business with rent, facilities costs, advertising, marketing, customer service, making your product, shipping, etc.  MLMs help small business owners grow by giving them essential support in the marketplace and great products to sell.  It’s also a great way to shop small business and benefit those around you in your community.

I’ve seen Young Living products on Amazon and Ebay, as well, which is interesting to me since Members/Distributors aren’t allowed to sell on auction sites.  The essential oils Distributors sell come directly from Young Living.  There have been several reports of people getting bottles from auction sites that have been adulterated and Young Living can’t ensure that those oils are pure.  So, if you’re buying from a third-party – buyer beware.

As I’ve waded through sites like Ebay and Amazon, and now Walmart, I’ve noticed that sacred frankincensethe prices are variable, as well.  When I looked at Walmart’s website, I noticed that there was a company called AMI Ventures that was selling a 5 ml bottle of Young Living Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil for $58.00.  Young Living sells the same bottle of essential oil for $55.29 retail and $42.25 wholesale.  And getting the Young Living wholesale prices is easy.  Members get the wholesale price by ordering a $160 Starter Kit without having to buy anything else ever again.  If you’re interested (and want to support my family business)  you can get your Starter Kit here:


Starter Kit

I also found a Young Essential Stress Away Essential Oil Roll-On by the same company on the Walmart stress away roll onsite for $45.28.  It’s $37.83 retail and $28.75 wholesale on the Young Living website.  And to be fair, I found several third party sellers who were selling their Young Living Essential Oils for a little over the wholesale price.  I’m not sure what’s going on there.  Probably the same thing as on Ebay and Amazon with third-party sellers and there’s no guarantee of what’s actually in the bottle.

My advice is – support small business, order through your local Young Living Distributor so that you know the oils you are receiving are the real deal without any dangerous or allergic reaction inducing fillers in them.  Young Living Distributors provide an educational support structure for you, so that you can learn more about using essential oils and essential oil products in a way that will get rid of toxic yuck in your life and lead you and your family down the path of wellness.  And you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ll be supporting a kid’s piano lessons or a family becoming financially free rather than adding to the bonus of a corporate CEO.

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