Flying Cars are Real

flying car

I think we’ve all imagined our cars being able to fly as we sat in traffic or during a long commute.  So when I read today in the NY Times ( about a prototype for a flying car by a small Silicon Valley company, KittyHawk, backed by Google co-founder, Larry Page, that was being flown over a lake, I was pretty excited.  And being from the land of Kitty Hawk, I enjoyed the nod to the Wright Brothers, as well.

After watching the video of the prototype, it looked a bit more like something an Ewok might steal rather than a car.  And, being a mom, I’m more than a little concerned about the safety issues with a lot of these flying around.  I know my 8 year old son would want one now.  And, I imagine crashing and falling from the sky would be a very bad thing.

So, I think we have a ways to go here, but still it’s pretty exciting that people are working on this.  Apparently, they have several prototypes and this is just one.  And NASA has been working on developing an air traffic control system for drones and vehicles like these.  It seems like a lot of great minds are trying to make this a reality and figure out what it would take to do it safely.  To me, this is part of why education matters – to give us the tools to make our wildest dreams come true.  And it’s why I really balk when they decide to cut education funding  – I really want a future with flying cars.  Oh, and an educated population, too.

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